Book-Keeping Model – Medium

Book-Keeping Model – Medium


Product details

The ‘Medium’ model builds on the ‘Mini’ by allowing you to cross-reference all of your income & expenditure to bank transactions. This makes the ‘profit & loss’ more robust as it ensures everything has been accounted for, which should save your accountant time as you will have prepared a lot of the analysis for them.

Ideal for:

  • Sole Traders
  • Limited Companies

What’s included?

Everything from the Mini package:

  • Input income & costs
  • Automatically generate a monthly P&L, tax liability & trial balance

And also:

  • 3 bank accounts which can be reconciled to income & spend


All files are compatible with Excel 2007 (or later) and, if you require any bespoke changes to a product, we can adapt to meet your specific requirements.

Additional Information

  • The Model will be tailored specifically to the information you supply before confirming the order, therefore no refunds will be offered if any mistakes aren’t rectified before we send you your completed file.
  • This Model can only be used for one financial year. A new file will need to be prepared for subsequent financial years at a cost of 25% of the original purchase price for each annual renewal.

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