About Excel Ace

Managing Director Traci Williams has a passion and knowledge for Microsoft Excel like no other, and launched Excel Ace in 2008 after working as an accountant for Unilever and John West.

Traci’s love of spreadsheets began during her career in accounting and quickly grew when she was approached by organisations who knew how good she was at putting Excel to great use. She started saving businesses time and money and so the story of Excel Ace began.

Since then, Excel Ace has worked with a huge range of clients from small family businesses to global organisations across every sector, with an enormous range of Excel needs.

As well as a love of Microsoft Excel, Traci enjoys making a difference and says “I love seeing that ‘penny dropping’ moment on someone’s face, when they see a function that can save them hours of work!”

Excel is accessible to anyone with a Microsoft Office package but its abilities are often overlooked and under-utilised, and Excel Ace aims to help people to make use of some of the ACE functions.

Excel Ace can offer solutions to save time, to increase knowledge, to automate processes, to build reports, to create databases, and offers products to assist with the smooth running of your business.

Although Excel Ace is based on the Wirral (NW England), with today’s technology, their services can be accessed worldwide.

We believe that Excel should be accessible to everyone, and the old saying is true here

‘It’s easy when you know how’!

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We have a range of great Excel products ready to use or to be customised to your needs

A range of ACE ready made products, from book-keeping to absence tracking, which you can use straight away to help keep your business moving.

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